Congratulations! You are bringing a new human into your family. In this exciting time, it is important to know how to prepare your pet for the addition of a newborn in the home. Introducing your baby to your fur-baby is a big deal, and you want to make sure you have taken every necessary precaution in order to keep your baby safe.

1) Reinforce Rules

If you are generally lax when it comes to disciplining your pet, now is the time to step up your game. Your pet needs to know that it’s important to follow the rules, because when baby comes home you won’t have the attention to spare on misbehavior. Take the time you have, before the baby comes, to focus on rewarding good behavior and reinforcing your rules.

2) Pay Special Attention to Excited Behavior

While it might not seem like a problem today, overly excited behavior could potentially be harmful to a baby. You should train your pet with this in mind. Reward your furry friend when they are exhibiting calm behavior and ignore their hyperactive behaviors.

3) Claim the Baby’s Areas

Setting boundaries early on is probably the most important thing you can do before you bring home your newborn. The first place you should begin is the nursery. This will payoff in the long-run, when your pet knows not to jump in the crib or to stay out of the playpen. If you make it clear early on that you “own” these areas then your pet will follow suit.

4) Establish a New Schedule

With a new baby in the house, your schedule is sure to be different. You should start preparing your pet so that he will be adjusted by baby time. This prep stage could be anything from taking varying bathroom times to a change up in walk schedule.

5) Expose your Pet to Children

If possible, expose your pet to a young child before you bring home your new baby. Maybe with a friend or family member who has a kiddo, for you to help get your pet adjusted to the idea of a youngster. Animals can act differently with children than adults and this interaction could help you gauge how your pet will take the transition.

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