Moving to a new home is a stressful time for the whole family, including your pet. In the hustle and bustle of directing movers, packing plates, and trying to find time to order a pizza, it might be easy to forget about your furry friend. Yet moving is just as stressful for your pet and it is important to make sure your cat or dog is happy. Here are some tips for the big move to make sure you and your pet are relaxed as ever!

Get Them Use to the Idea

You should start minimizing stress for your pet even before you start putting things on the truck. If you are putting your cat or dog into a carrier, make sure that you give your pet a bit of time to get used to it. Let them explore it and put a few blankets in there so that when you make the move, your pet is very familiar with the space. If your pet isn’t used to car rides, take him for a spin in the car to get him used to a road trip, even if you are just driving to Charleston International.

Have a Plan for During the Move

Speaking of airports, it’s important to have a plan for your pet before you move. Will you be using a pet carrier service if you are flying? Will your dog be ok on an airplane (some breeds may have trouble breathing up in the air)? If you are taking a road trip, what pet-friendly hotels are on the way? Do you have enough supplies, such as medication and food, for during the move? If you are moving in town, will you keep your pet at a sitter’s or will you board him for the night? These are all important things to consider for your pet.

Pet Proof You New Place

Before letting your dog or cat roam his new home, double check to make sure it is safe for him. Look for holes in the fence, secured doors, and windows, or any other potential problems. Nothing is more stressful than an accident or an escapee right after a move!

Routine is Key

Sticking to your pet’s routine is probably one of the best ways to reduce stress. Your pet is a creature of habit, and sticking to his pre-move routine is probably one the best things you can do. Continue to feed him at the regular meal and exercise times. When setting up his toy and bed area, try to make it as similar to the old set up as possible.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. It takes time for a dog or a cat to get used to a new home. As you move in, remember to continue to play and love your pet, and make the move as easily as possible for him. And before you know it, he will be loving his new home as much as you do!

At Oceanside, you and your pet are apart of our family. If you have any questions about how to make a move less stressful for your pet, we would be happy help!

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