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Every Thanksgiving, we name what we are thankful for. Whether it be food on the table, a great job, or just your family – furry & not so furry included!

Here are 6 reason we are thankful for our pets at Ohlandt, what are yours?!

1. A slobbery kiss, wagging tail and lots of love when we come home everyday!

2. The struggle of making up your bed each morning when all your pet want to do is sleep on your sheets. Okay, this one may SEEM annoying every morning, but you know it’s actually pretty cute.

3, Our pups make us active! Even on the laziest of days, our furry friends inspire us to go on a walk, breath fresh air and enjoy some sunshine!

4….but we are also grateful for the days we can in fact lay around all day – and know we have a resident snuggle buddy!

5. Instant stress relief. Any pet owner will tell you there is nothing quite like being around your pet when your day isn’t going as planned – they just have that something!

6. Out pets teach us a lot of things, but most importantly, how to appreciate the simple things in life and find all the joy they have to offer!

Make sure to be thankful for your pets year round, because they sure are thankful for you each minute too!

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