With hurricane season hitting us head-on, it’s time to start gathering what you need in event of an evacuation. A storm in the Lowcountry can be dangerous for you and your furry family members. Here at Oceanside Veterinary Clinic, we would like to help you fully prepare in event of an emergency. It’s important to contact us right away for medications or any documents needed. If a serious storm starts brewing, here are some tips to prepare your pets for safety.


If your pet is on medication it’s best to have refills with you during hurricane season. We recommend stocking up on other simple medications in case they were to develop a sickness while away from your vet. You can request these medications through our online pharmacy today.


You should have your pet microchipped and if you haven’t done that by now we highly recommend you do so. If you were to lose your animal before, during, or after a storm, you can locate them immediately. Whether it be a microchip, identification tag or bracelet, you will always have that piece of mind that your pet will be able to be tracked and found.


If you need to evacuate your area before a storm hits, you should have a carrier for your pet. Ultimately, a carrier ensures safe travel for your pet. Your pet should be familiarized with the carrier beforehand so they find it less stressful and easier to be in while on your journey to your destination.


It’s best to keep your pet up to date on their vet visits. Scheduling regular vet appointments will help prevent illnesses and diseases so that your pet can stay happy and healthy. It’s best to take your pet in before or during hurricane season, to stay up to date on shots and medications. Keeping up with your pet’s health will ensure they are able to travel with fewer health issues or anxiety. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment at 843-795-7574.

Food & Water & Toys

You want to make sure you are fully stocked with water and pet food before a storm comes. Try to determine how long the storm may last and save enough food and water for that time period. Be prepared for store closures. Stock up on extra treats and toys so your pet is kept occupied and can remain a little active during your time indoors. If you are evacuating, pack familiar items such as their bed and a favorite toy to ensure your pets comfort during travel.

These are simple steps you can take to ensure safety while you and your pet are away from home or riding out the storm. Please feel free to contact us for any medications, last minute food, paperwork, or concerning health issues. To access your pets vaccination records, please download our PetDesk App. To make an appointment, we can be reached through our website or at 843-795-7574.

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