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Unfortunately, the myths surrounding black cats make them half as likely to be adopted as other cats. On August 17th, we celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day, so we’re taking the opportunity to give you some facts about these purrfectly beautiful felines.

  1. While the folklore about black cats varies from culture to culture, one common misconception about black cats is their association with bad luck and Halloween. In many places, black cats are actually associated with good luck. England, Russia, Japan, Ireland, and Ancient Egypt are just a few of the places that view black cats (or all cats) as symbols of good luck.
  1. Black cats make great house cats. They have the same behavior patterns and are just as loving as other domesticated cats. Some owners even claim black cats are more loving than others.
  1. The Cat Fancier’s Association recognizes 22 breeds with solid black coats.
  1. The Bombay breed was created by Nikki Horner to have the appearance of a miniature panther, and was recognized as a breed in the 1970’s. Bombay is also the only breed that is exclusively black.
  1. All-black pigmentation is more prevalent in males than females.
  1. Black cats’ yellow eyes are a result of high levels of melanin pigment in their bodies.
  1. Research suggests that because of a gene mutation, domestic black cats have a better immune system and are more resilient to illnesses like feline HIV.
  1. If black cats spend too much time in the sun, their fur can turn into a reddish-brown color. This is referred to as rusting. However, the effect is only temporary- as cats’ melanin levels return to normal, so will their fur.
  1. In order to be a true black cat, both parents must carry the black color gene. Some black cats are actually tabbies in disguise.
  1. One of the richest cats in the world is a rescued black cat named Tommaso, whose Italian owner left him a $13 million fortune.

Black cats are a wonderful breed that have been unfairly judged for a long time. Celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day by helping dispel black cat myths, or maybe even adopting a black cat of your own!  


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