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Most can agree that the best things in life are our pets. This makes getting a gift for a pet lover easy, affordable, and fun! Below we compiled a list of some of the best gifts for the ones who adore their pets the most. 

1. Rescue Pet Dish Towel

Did your pet lover rescue their pet? If so, this thoughtful gift is perfect! Ironically the towel is decorated with “dirty” paws and in the center includes a poem about the rescue cat/dog. The best part about this gift is when you purchase it $2 is donated to a pet rescue center in New York City!

2. Bark Dog Waste Poop Bags

“DO YOUR CIVIC DOODY!” Great for gags gifts or the people with good humor, Bark Dog Waste Poop Bags are a funny gift to give. While this gift doesn’t sound glamorous, it will give your pet lover a laugh. Each bag includes a funny pun or joke found on the front of every bag!

3. In Dog Years I’ve Only Had One Wine Glass

Perfect for dog lovers and wine lovers! The best part about this purchase is Amazon has it individually gift boxed, so all the work involving wrapping the gift is taken care of!

4. Pawprint Momento

If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift, this is the one! This is a kit to help the pet lover create a lasting memory of their pet! Unlike most clay molds of a pet’s paw, this one can be hung as an ornament for the tree! It also includes a stencil kit to include the pet’s name or date!

5. Dog Mom Pajamas

Available in 6 different colors/patterns this is a great gift for the crazy dog moms!

We hope this list gave you some good ideas for the pet lover in your life! With the holidays approaching, be sure to place your orders soon. Happy holidays and good luck finding the purrfect gift!

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