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Rescuing a dog or puppy has many benefits for your physical, mental, and social health. Many puppies await adoption by a loving family at shelters and are often sent home spayed or neutered. Making a positive difference in a rescue dog’s life will also change yours for the better. Here are four reasons why rescuing a puppy or dog can work wonders in your life.


  • Elevate your mood


A long day at work suddenly doesn’t seem so bad when there’s a wagging tail to greet you when you walk through the door. According to scientific and anecdotal evidence, puppies and dogs can make us feel significantly happier. When we stroke a puppy’s soft fur and feel the warmth of their unconditional love, our mood is elevated and we feel relaxed. Dogs can even help manage depression. Caring for a dog means developing a daily routine, and following this consistent schedule can help us feel more organized, energized, and focused.   


  • Stay fit


Unlike cats or gerbils, dogs are high-energy pets that rely on us for lots of exercise to stay healthy. While a giant backyard will be appreciated by all of our furry friends, a daily walk is a good supplement to your pet’s regular exercise. When your puppy sits by the door and gazes hopefully at his leash, it’s hard to say no. Daily walks improve the health of dogs and their owners by establishing a stable routine. Your fitness goals for 2018 can be achieved with a loyal walking companion at your side: your rescue dog.  


  • Become more social


Forget Tinder: a young single may be better off meeting new friends and romantic partners at the local dog park. Walking your dog gets both you and Fido out of the house, encourages a healthy lifestyle, and provides an opportunity to widen your social circle. The people you pass by on your daily walk won’t be able to resist stopping to pet your adorable puppy. A wagging tail is a natural conversation starter, and you will be surprised at who you end up meeting!


  • Live longer


Dog ownership is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and stress. In return, pets need to be fed, given water, exercised, cleaned up after, and taken to the vet for checkups. The responsibility of dog ownership encourages empathy as your pet becomes a huge priority in your life. This is especially beneficial for children, who learn compassion and responsibility from caring for their childhood pets.

Rescuing a puppy saves a life and may even save yours. You can contact the Charleston Animal Society at (843) 747-4849 for more information about adopting the perfect pet.

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