This year for the Holidays, Oceanside Vet is giving back to a cause that is near and dear to our hearts. Our Practice Manager, Robbyn’s brother, Andrew J. Farr sadly was killed in March while serving the US Peace Corp in Mozambique. His roommate, Cole Radenbaugh, who survived the accident is still serving in Chitima, Tete Province of Mozambique. We would like to send him and the kids of Chitima a care package of things that they need for school and things Cole might need while serving.

Chitima is extremely hot, and Cole does not have much to his name. He loves the outdoors, hiking and cooking. You can check out Cole’s blog opens in a new windowhere.  

There has also been a opens in a new windowmemorial fund set up in Andrew J. Farr’s honor through the Peace Corp to continue his legacy. All donations to the Andrew Jennings Farr Memorial Fund will support approved Peace Corps Partnership Program (PCPP) education projects in Mozambique.

If you would like to donate items for a care package we are sending to Cole, simply drop off any items below at OVC. If you have any questions, our team members here at OVC will be happy to help!

Wish List:

-protein powder

-energy bars/snack bars


-drink powder (gatorade, koolaid, crystal light, etc…)

-stickers (think gold stars for school)

-colored-chalk for the blackboard

-outdoor thermometer





-handheld/portable fan


-face wash/cleansing pads


-nice body wash/shampoo

-luffa scrubber

-insulated/thermal bag (for transporting cold groceries long distances)

-notebooks/composition journals


-baseball caps

wishful thinking:


-new pair of Tevas or Chacos

-single-man tent

-wall posters/pictures/art

-fishing rod/reel

-hiking backpack

Oceanside Vet would like to thank everyone for their support our mission this year. We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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