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It’s every pet owners’ worst nightmare. One second you are with your animal and everything is fine, and in an instant, they have strayed off and your world suddenly begins to crumble. Everyone thinks they will know how to react or respond to their pet going missing, but the truth is, once you’re faced with this nightmare you never know how you will react. Rational thoughts are overpowered by feelings of anger, fear, frustration, blame, guilt, and desolation. 

This can be a tough reality to face especially when you do not know what steps to take to find your pet. We have listed some important steps to follow to get your pet back home where they belong.

Leave the Emotions at Home

The worst thing you can be for your lost pet is an emotional wreck. If you were missing, you would want someone to be concerned but have their emotions checked. The best thing you can do while all the details are still fresh on your mind is to start calling neighbors and friends to ask them if they have seen your animal, give details of your last occurrence with your animal and any pertinent information that could help someone locate your animal. If you’re in the area that you lost them at, retrace all of your steps and revisit any details you may have skipped over. If you’re becoming too anxious, revisit the area a few hours later or early the next morning and start your search over.

Make a Flyer

As old fashion as it may sound, flyers are a very effective way of spreading information throughout your local community. Whether you post a flyer on social media or staple a few throughout the neighborhood, make sure that you include very essential information such as your name, your pets’ name, a recent photo of your pet along with a brief description,  and your phone number if the animal is found. You do not want to include too much personal information to avoid scams. If you choose to post to social media, have your friends and family repost the flyer or post to help spread awareness. Sites that also help with missing animal posts include Center for Lost Pets, Fido Finder, or even Lost Pet USA

Call Animal Shelters and Pet Control 

Another great way to spread the word about your missing pet and speed up the process is to call your local animal shelters or pet control agencies. You can call shelters and even vet clinics to see if an animal matching your pet’s description. If not, you can go to your local pet agency and fill out a lost report, give the staff pictures of your pet so they know exactly what kind of animal they are looking for. To see a list of all shelters and agencies in South Carolina, click here for more information.

Remember, every second matters! We want you to take every step possible to avoid being divided from your pet. However; we do understand that things do happen and with these steps, we are almost certain that if anything were to happen, you would be reunited with your pet in no time! Not acting promptly could result in you being reconnected to your furry friend.

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