Do you want to make sure you have the most reliable pet sitter? Obviously yes! Choosing a pet sitter can be a challenging task. It’s best to make sure you can have full trust in someone to take care of your furry family member and treat them accordingly. We would like to think that all pet sitters are responsible and have a love for animals, but you should always do a little research. Here are some important questions to ask when choosing your pet sitter.

Can you please elaborate on your previous pet sitting jobs?

  • Knowing the pet sitters job history will inform you on how professional he/she is. Having information on your sitters’ previous experience will also make you more comfortable in return when it comes to trusting your sitter.

Do you have references?

  • Making sure the pet sitter has references shows professionalism and a positive history of pet sitting. If the pet sitter has references that show he/she has the knowledge and good reviews, the sitter will more likely have a positive pet sitting experience with your pet.

What do you like most about pet sitting?

  • Making sure the pet sitter really does enjoy the task at hand and has a love for animals is important. If they are not just doing it for the money, it shows he/she will take the position more seriously.

How do you handle a misbehaving pet?

  • You want to make sure the pet sitter you hire treats your pet in a loving manner. Your pet may experience some anxiety while you are away, so you want to be sure the relationship between the sitter and your pet is a positive one.

If anything were to happen, what is your emergency plan?

  • Knowing the pet sitter’s emergency plan in a worst-case scenario is extremely important. Be sure to provide your vet’s contact information, poison control, emergency vet, etc. Does your sitter have access to transportation? If anything bad were to happen, be sure your sitter has everything he/she needs for an effective and efficient emergency plan.

What will your schedule be like and how much time will you devote to pet sitting?

  • Making sure the pet sitter you hire is present and able to give your pet the attention it needs while you are away is important. Be sure your pet’s schedule and needs can be met to receive the proper care.

With the previous questions, you can see if a pet sitter is a perfect match for you and your furry best friend. If you can’t bring your pet with you, you will have comfort knowing they are in responsible and caring hands while you are away. For more safety tips and information check out Oceanside Veterinary Clinic’s blogs on our website.

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