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Link Milligan-Chorvat

“Link Milligan-Chorvat” 9/30/06-5/6/15

The house is so quiet now that you’re gone. You came to us as a scared, anxious, fearful little mess & it took some time & a lot of work for our family to mesh. One day it all just came together like magic. Your father stopped threatening to send you back to the farm where you came to us from & you sister Happy decided it was nice to snuggle with you on the couch. You were a wild man & your spirit was like a constant electricity in our home. It is just so quiet now. I’ve never known a sweeter creature. 100% love. All you ever wanted was to be in our arms. You looked so deeply into our eyes sending messages of love. The longest nose i’ve ever seen. The softest fur i’ve ever felt. In your final moments I wiped my tears with your ears & promised to never forget how soft they were. Our little fighter, you fought hard. You hated your pills but took them because you knew I wanted you to. You were happy & had no idea you were sick until that last week, which makes it a little easier for us. We’ll meet again someday, Link, and I’ll never let you go.


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August 2, 2019

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