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Charlie was one of 3 foster kittens. His brother George was extremely fluffy and got adopted immediately. Charlie and his twin, Razor, went to PetCo. After a week, they were not adopted. After another week, they still weren’t. I had to rescue them again and brought them home. They were so special. Charlie was so “pointy” and I called him Prancy Pants, because he high stepped through the grass. He talked so much. He was obsessed with our snake and tried to open her cage all the time. He would plop down on me no matter how awkwardly. When Hurricane Matthew was announced, everyone was freaked out. I think the man who hit him was going a bit faster than usual, and couldn’t stop.

I miss him so much. His brother misses him too. Every part of my house, inside and outside, reminds me of my ¬†Char Char. Getting ready in the morning, I miss him jumping in the shower to play with the curtain. Outside, I miss watching him run to the fence and climbing over. He was maybe the sweetest cat I’ve ever had the honor to love. He was so handsome, so perfect, so sweet and loving. I am so lucky. I’m so sorry that his life was so short.

Meredith Harman

James Island, SC


Posted on

August 2, 2019

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