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A Boxer Named Dusty McCabe

This Place

There is a place we dedicated in our mind when we got our Dusty dog. We determined to care for him with all the love and devotion reserved for those in our human family. And we did.

We made a place inside our home that was his. Even if it was the Italian leather couch. We could clean it up for quests and we did.

We made a place at the dinner table where he waited with baited patience for his Boxer bite. Yes, I did share the fork.

We made a place in the bed because thunder can be frightening. And it was. We are sorry that we could not stop his trembling or soothe his fear but he loved us for trying.

We made a place in all our plans. He went camping with us every time. He loved the beach, and above everything else he loved the park. Just saying the word triggered a frenzy. A walk in the park with momma was the best. And it was the best for her also.

He made his place in this large yard where he was determined to bark at everything while looking back to see if we noticed. And when we did we always thanked him for taking care of this place. And he really did.

He made a place in his heart for momma’s kitty and he raised Ruby from a kitten. They slept and played together and Dusty was never sure when the next flying cat attack would occur. But they did and he loved it.

And now I have made a place in the crying garden for my Dusty boy. After 9 years of companionship today he is leaving us. The Dr. arrives soon and Dusty’s pain will be gone. Ours just begins.

In this place he will rest beside two Boxers and 3 cats that we have loved another time. His first night outside he will not be alone. That comforts me.

Through deep tears and with crushed hearts we cry… Goodbye Dusty Goodbye.


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August 2, 2019

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