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As the colder weather approaches, we begin to bundle up and head indoors. No amount of fur can protect our babies from the tough climates. Like humans, our pets get chilly too! Below we compiled a list of measures you can take to ensure your pet stays warm and happy during the winter season. 


Even if you believe dressing your dog is ridiculous, it may be necessary in the colder months. Clothing will add another layer and warm your pet up! Plus it is super cute and fun to shop for dog clothing. No need to go overboard with a different outfit for every day of the week, a warm, comfortable jacket will do the trick. 

Don’t leave them outside for a long time 

It sounds self-explanatory but many people need to hear it. When it is super cold outside, don’t let them stay outside for a long time. Of course, bathroom breaks are needed, but walks can be shortened to prevent time outside.

Know the signs 

Frostbite and hypothermia are serious consequences of cold weather. Watch your dog and make sure he/she isn’t experiencing the symptoms. Symptoms include discoloration of the skin, ulcers, blisters, shivering, anxious, and pain when touching the body.


After time outside it’s a good idea to examine your dog’s paws. If cracked and/or bleeding it will be painful for them to walk. Shoes can be of help if in a really cold environment. 

Snuggle up

Even inside we get chilly and like to snuggle up under blankets. If your pet sleeps off the bed, giving them a blanket to keep their bodies warm can help. 

As much as we look to cooler weather after a hot summer, it’s important to make sure our pets are warm and happy too! If you need a wellness check to ensure your pet is hanging in during the winter months click here

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