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The summer heat can already be felt in the Charleston air. It can be difficult to know how the heat can be hurting our pets while we are enjoying water activities, road trips and hiking. The best way to protect your pet from heat stroke is to know the signs. Keep these tips in mind this summer, to prevent a heat stroke with your pet.

What is a heat stroke?

Heat strokes are caused by the overheating of the body. The combination of humid heat and animal fur can result in heat exhaustion and heat strokes. This can be life threatening and could lead to organ failure, seizures or brain damage.

Early Stages and Signs

Before the body suffers from a heat stroke, it experiences heat exhaustion. Rapid panting, vomiting and diarrhea are indications that your animal is experiencing heat exhaustion after exposure to the sun. If you suspect your animal is suffering from heat exhaustion, it’s time to take action. Bring your pet inside immediately and hydrate them.

Prevention and Treatment

Before the summer heat hits, take preventive measures to protect your pet from the dangers of overheating.

  • Groom and trim your pet before the weather starts warming up. Removing excess fur from your pet will allow them to stay cooler longer during the hottest of months.
  • Keep water present. Provide your animal will an ample amount of water. Keeping your animal hydrated will reduce their risk of heat exhaustion.
  • Limit your pet’s exercise on when temperatures are high. The more engaged your pet is, the higher their risk.
  • Make sure your pet has plenty of access to shade when playing outside.
  • Avoid leaving your pet in the car. Even with a window cracked, your pet is likely to suffer heat exhaustion or a stroke if they are left for any period of time.
  • Invest in cooling accessories. There tons of cooling mats, vests and water bottles available for purchase on the internet.

The summer season should be a time filled with relaxation and enjoyment for you and your furry friend. To ensure your pet doesn’t suffer a heat stroke this summer, follow these tips for protection. For questions and concerns about heat strokes or if your pet suffers from a heat stroke, contact Oceanside Veterinary Clinic today. Stay cool out there!

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