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Halloween is creeping up quickly on us this year, and here at Ohlandt Vet we love to stay connected and keep it playful with our extended four-legged family. Join in on the photo fun with our Ohlandt Vet Halloween Costume Contest! Join us any day during business hours in October to participate. We will take a photo and post it in our lobby for everyone to vote. (Please do not send pictures, pets must be present to have their photos taken to be entered) The winner will be drawn on Oct 31st and prizes will vary based on the pet who wins!

Ohlandt Halloween Costume Contest

Whether you own a pet or not, who doesn’t love a dressed up animal? Most pets love attention, so letting your animals be a part of your holiday can be a great way to add some amusement for you and your Trick-or-Treaters! Clothes can show off your pet’s unique purrsonality, and can be a fun bonding experience for you both you and your furry friend. Having trouble picking a costume? We’ve compiled some of our favorite costume ideas for you!

  1. opens in a new windowThe Presidential Debate

Do you have more than one pet? Have some fun putting together your pets costumes with a group theme. Your adult Trick-or-Treaters will really get a kick outta this one. Meet Trump and Hillary!

Hilary and Trump Costumes

  1. opens in a new windowYoda the dog

“Beware of the bark side” In preparation for the Star Wars release this year (Rogue One comes out on December 16th everybody — mark your calendar!), it’s only appropriate. Amazon also carries opens in a new windowPrincess Leia, opens in a new windowDarth Vader and opens in a new windowEwoks!

Yoda Pet Halloween Costume

3. Taco Costume for Cats & Dogs

Taco-bout cute! This taco kitten might give people a run for the money. Available at opens in a new windowPetco.


Taco Halloween Costume

  1. opens in a new windowDogzilla

It’s a dog dressed up like a dinosaur! How cute is he? I’m sure he will feel extra ferocious in this costume!

Dogzilla Halloween Costume

  1. opens in a new windowManion’s Best Friend

Minions are adorable. Dogs are adorable. Together, it’s an adorable overload! The younger Trick-or-Treaters will really love this one.

  1. opens in a new windowCats of the Caribbean

Costumes that make quadrupedal animals look like bipedal ones are always entertaining, especially when they are on the move. This one was too cute to miss!

Pirate Cat Halloween Costume

Whatever you decide to dress your furbaby as this halloween, make sure the pet is comfortable and can safely move about. If you find that your pets are biting or gnawing at the costume, beware of little pieces they could easily rip off and swallow. Remember, safety first. Have a safe and happy halloween!

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