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Some owners often forget that pets feel the cold temperatures just as much as we do – follow some of these tips to make sure your furry friends are staying warm and cuddly this winter!

For the Cats

  1. Cats are MASTERS of hiding- always make sure to check under the hood of your car and around your garages for your feline friends before leaving for work each morning!
  2. If you have an indoor/outdoor cat, try to keep them inside as much as possible on the frigid days and nights!

For the Pups

  1. We all laugh at the little dog in the sweaters, however, this is actually a great idea. Thin coats do not protect well against cold weather – come on, there are some cute ones.
  2. Salt on the roads make driving much safer, but can be harsh on your dogs paws. If your dog is refusing to walk or lifting their paws in an unusual way, they may be sore – make sure you wash those paws after each walk!

As always, if you have any questions on how to keep out furry friends warm, give us a call!

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