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No matter what type of coat your pet may have, all pets get cold during winter! Pets can easily get frostbite or hypothermia if the proper precautions aren’t taken beforehand. We have listed below some easy tips to make sure your pet has a comfortable and warm winter!

Limit Outdoor Time

Outdoor time needs to become more limited with the colder months approaching. Even if your dog may have a thick coat doesn’t mean all of his or her body parts will be kept insulated. Pets should only go outside for the bathroom or exercise. When outside make sure they are dressed appropriately if need be.

Clean Paws

Clean paws are vital to keeping your pet healthy. With snow, ice, salt, and toxic chemicals on the ground, these things can build up over time on your pet’s paws. If your pet tries to clean their paws themselves, they can swallow these potentially harmful poisons. Make sure to regularly check their paws for any of the things listed above. A useful tip to consider is trimming the hair between your pet’s toes to avert build-up of ice or any harmful chemicals.

Be Aware

Be mindful of your dog’s behavior and activity! There are natural, tell-tale signs of hypothermia and frostbite which include: whining, anxious-behavior, shivering, ice on the body, slow movements or looking for a place to borrow. If you see your dog experiencing these symptoms, please contact us at 843-795-7574 immediately so we can give you further instruction on how to handle the situation.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment with us, contact us via our website or by calling us at 843-795-7574. Stay warm this winter!

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