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Struggling to find a gift? Well, struggle no more! We have great ideas for gifts to give your friends and family that will remind everyone about their sweet furry friend. Take a look at some of these neat ideas to get as a gift for the animal lover in your life this holiday season!

Pet Mat

Pet doormats are easy, cheap, and make for a cute gift. You can either buy a mat with a cute saying or picture already on it, or you can customize your own to make it more personal. Etsy has a wonderful variety of festive and customized doormats for a great price!

Animal Clothing

Sweaters and beanies are everywhere this time of year. Why not get a nice sweater, hat, pajamas, or any article of clothing with a cute animal print on it for your loved one? There are numerous options and most stores generally carry clothing with different types of animals on it. Some stores such as JCPenny and Boden typically will have what you are looking for. Check out these cute pajamas for your pet at Target!


Who doesn’t love a good, new mug! Mugs are simple, yet a necessity in any household. With so many choices of animal mugs to choose from, we find this website to be very helpful in choosing the right cup. Take a look at The Mug Co for awesome designs and a wide diversity of animal mugs!


Pottery is one of the many gifts you can give during the holiday season or any season for that matter. You can find animal-shaped pottery almost anywhere, but we recommend Amazon for a wider selection. Whether it be a vase or a plate, there is tons of animal pottery out there!


Since we are nearing the end of the year, what better way to start off the new year than with a new animal calendar! Animal calendars are such a fun idea because of course, you can schedule your life and also look at a cute new animal each month. is a great website to choose or create your own unique animal calendar.

With so many animal theme options to purchase this season, we hope we have made it easier for you to pick! If you’re looking for some more suggestions, stop in and see us at Oceanside Veterinary Clinic. From all of us here at Oceanside, we hope you have a safe and Happy Holiday!

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