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Thanksgiving is right around the corner and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t anticipating what’s going to be on the dinner table the most. Just like us, our pets are also licking their lips and wondering what scraps they can convince us to pass along under the table. The disappointing news is that we must refrain from doing this, at least until we’re aware of what is and isn’t okay for our four-legged friends to consume. To break it down, here’s a brief list of what you shouldn’t be letting your pets indulge in this turkey day.

Candy, Especially Chocolate 

Whenever there is a celebration, chocolate is nearby. Candy can come in small, bite-sized pieces, making the urge to share the sugar with your furry friends all the more present. As tempting as it can be, stray away from doing this and stick to the dog/cat treats. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can lead to various uncomfortable side effects for your pet such as seizures and diarrhea. 


Depending on the recipe, (and what you call it) stuffing/dressing can vary. However, a few ingredients that are standard across all recipes are garlic, onions, etc which can lead to damaged blood cells, especially for cats! If your recipe calls for raisins, also beware that grapes can contribute to kidney failure.


When the holidays roll around, everyone is looking to get their pig fix. When bacon or ham is on the table, your pets are sure to get a whiff and come running. That being said, don’t give in! Pork is full of fats that have proven difficult for dogs to digest. It’s also high in sodium, which could put your pet on the waiting list for pancreatitis.


While this warning may seem slightly ridiculous, there are many popular holiday dessert recipes that call for alcohol and seem “harmless”. (Think fruit cake, rum cake, eggnog, etc). Alcohol can have similar effects on animals as it does humans, except their smaller bodies can’t handle it quite as well. Even small doses of alcohol that are mixed into these fun recipes can cause seizures and respiratory issues in pets!

Animals are family too, and it can be difficult to resist from letting them enjoy all of the tasty treats that we love so much. By becoming informed, you can make sure that your cat or dog isn’t getting into something that is going to have a harmful effect on their health AND learn what you can give them from your overflowing plate. Happy Thanksgiving!

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