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The leaves are changing colors and falling off the trees; it is fall and even though your pet might enjoy the cool weather, the toxins in the environment could potentially cause harm. Keep yourself informed for these poisonous toxins this fall.


You might see mushrooms growing outside and even though you can eat some mushrooms, many wild species are extremely poisonous. As a safety precaution having an absence of mushrooms in your yard can help reduce the chance of toxin ingestion. When poisonous mushrooms are ingested it can cause abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, seizures, and future liver and kidney damage. If you see your pet eating a wild mushroom, try to get it out of your pet’s mouth.


The weather is getting colder and depending on where you live you might already have to use antifreeze in your car. Having antifreeze liquid laying around can be hazardous to your pet. Only a teaspoon or two can be fatal. If your pet consumes antifreeze the first signs of poisoning can include thirst and uncoordinated behavior. Make sure antifreeze is kept in a safe location away from the accessibility of your pets.

Halloween Chocolate

It is fall and you know what that means… Halloween! So much chocolate and goodies, but it is important that your pets do not take a nibble. Chocolate poisoning could make your dog extremely sick and it could even be fatal. To make sure your pet does not experience chocolate poisoning, store your Halloween chocolate in a space where your pet cannot reach.

If your pet ingested any toxins this fall or is showing signs of poisoning, call a pet healthcare professional. For questions and concerns about fall toxins or if your pet is having an emergency, contact Oceanside Veterinary Clinic today.

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