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The worst part about winter is moving all of your activities indoors. For our pets, this can be a challenge as we use the outdoors for playtime and long walks. After a while, your pet will begin to get bored nestled up inside. Here are some ideas to help keep your pet from going crazy inside the house.

Interactive Dog Feeder

What your pup needs after countless hours inside are interactive toys. There are a lot of toys for dogs that will incorporate putting treats inside and then the toy will do all the work from there. Your dog will spend all their energy on that treat, they’ll forget their indoors.

Tug of War

A little more work for you than the interactive dog feeder, tug of war will keep both you and your pet on your toes and entertained. 

Training Games

Sit, shake, rollover. Do these commands sound familiar? If not, this is a great time to teach them. All you need is a supply of treats to reward your pet, lots of time, and you’re ready to go. This is not only a good activity to get them up, but a great way to teach them a few things!

Find the Prize

We’re sure your dog will be happy about this activity! Gather some small containers or something that can be placed upside down. In one or two of the containers place a treat inside without your pup seeing. Next, let your pet in the room and watch him go crazy trying to find the right box and then flip it over.

As difficult as it is trying to get your pet used to staying indoors more often than not in the wintertime, it’s important to still keep them entertained and move around! Hopefully, this list is a good starting point for you and your pet this winter!

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