Baby, meet Fido.

Are you about to bring a baby home to your family that already includes a dog? From when you first became pregnant, your furry friend probably sensed that something was different. Most dog owners worry about how Fido will react and cope with the newest addition to the family but if you take the right steps, it can be a smooth & easy transition!

Before you bring home your baby, it is a great idea to bring home an item of clothing or a blanket that has your baby’s smell on it and allow your dog to sniff it out and get used to your baby’s scent. You can also make sure your dog is accustomed to baby noises months before the baby actually comes home so there are less surprises. Try playing recordings of baby noises or use the rocking chair around your pet and reward him/her for good behavior.

It’s also smart to bring your dog into to veterinarian for a routine exam to make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations. Your veterinarian can also give you extra tips to ensure a smooth transition!

When it’s finally time to introduce Fido to baby, sit in a quiet room with your baby and have someone else bring in the dog on a leash. Allow your dog to gently sniff your baby for a few seconds and then ask your pup to sit or lie down. Constantly reward your dog for good behavior around the baby.

Last, but definitely not least, never leave your baby and dog together unsupervised. Something bad could happen if your dog is well trained.

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