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Although this year might be a bit different than how we are used to celebrating, July 4th is a weekend where we spend more time outdoors, at the beach, barbecuing, and lighting fireworks. For humans, the fireworks might be the highlight of our weekend, but your four-legged friends may not feel the same way. With the loud festivities, your pets can become extremely anxious so it’s important to keep them safe. Here are some helpful tips to help prepare your pets for fireworks. 

  1. One of the most important ways to keep your pet safe during this time is to make sure your pup’s collar is up to date with proper identification tags equipped with your pet’s name, phone number, and address. The month of July, more specifically around July 4th, the number of pets that go missing increases drastically. 
  1. Walk your dog early in the day to avoid being outside when fireworks may take place. Exercise is a great way to help calm their nerves and it can allow them to relax easier throughout the night. Getting out as much energy as you can, whether it be a walk outside or playtime at the park, will help tire your pet before the festivities begin.
  1. Close the curtains or blinds to help muffle the sound. 
  1. Placing treats such as a frozen kong with peanut butter to snack on or giving them their favorite toys in a safe place indoors will distract them and help take their mind off of the loud noises.
  1. For some pets, a crate provides a sense of security. Placing them in a crate beforehand, if they are used to it, is a good idea. 
  1. If you own any outdoor cats, it is best to bring them in during this time. 
  1. If you can, stay at home with your pets on the Fourth. Having your furry friends by your side is the best way to provide comfort.
  1. Talk to your veterinarian about any medication they might be able to provide for you to help lower your pet’s anxiety. 

More pets are lost on the fourth of July than any other holiday. Wherever you plan to celebrate, make sure to keep your pet at home or secured on a leash. Plan ahead by refilling any anxiety medications you may need by contacting Oceanside Veterinary Clinic at 843-797-7574 today! 

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