We all know an animal lover out there if we aren’t already one ourselves. For these types of people, apps for pets are absolutely essential and very helpful. Here we have listed seven great apps for pet owners and our furry friends!

Pet Coach by Petco

Pet Coach offers free veterinary advice to any animal owner. If you are concerned about your pet’s activities or visibly odd manners, then this app is perfect for you! Download the app here and get connected to an expert today.


Trottr helps you find a dog walker or sitter close by for free. Not only will the app find you a great walker but, it also has a tracker so you can constantly be updated and aware of your pet’s location. Plan ahead by scheduling your pets walk and pay the walker through the app, double whammy!

Pet First Aid: American Red Cross

The Pet First Aid App can locate a clinic nearby, answer commonly asked questions, or tell you what to do if an emergency were to occur. The app is great navigator if a problem were to arise at a moments notice since they have information on common, frequent accidents. The Pet First Aid App also helps you analyze weird or worrisome behavior your pet might be displaying and helps you get to the root of the problem.


Get ready for the dog version of Instagram! This app allows you to post photos of your pets all day, every day. Instead of filling your personal social media accounts to the brim with pictures of your fluffy friend, you can now post them here instead. BarkCam also lets you add effects and stickers to your photos so you can keep it fun and exciting.


This app helps you locate nearby dog-friendly restaurants so you never have to depart from your pet for a meal out on the town. This not only lets you know where you can bring your pet but also gives you reviews from pet owners, prices, and their policies. So grab the leash and head out the door and enjoy a nice meal with your furry friend!


We all wish we could bring our pets with us on every trip we go on, but unfortunately, we can’t always do that. This app is pretty much an Airbnb but for your dog! You can look up good and bad reviews through the app and figure out the best location for your pet to stay during your time away. Start creating your pet’s arrangements and book today.


Connect with Oceanside Veterinary on PetDesk and keep your pet’s health information organized! This app keeps track of your pet’s medical records, upcoming/past appointments, vaccination updates, saves notes, saves pictures, and sends automatic reminders for your furry friend… all for free! Download this Oceanside Vet preferred app today!

If you have any questions in regards to what apps are best for your pet, contact us today at 843-795-7574.

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