Tips for Including Your Pup in Your Wedding

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Questions to Ask a Pet Sitter
September 15, 2017
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October 15, 2017
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Tips for Including Your Pup in Your Wedding

Tips for Including Your Pup in Your Wedding

It’s wedding season in Charleston, South Carolina and chance are you wouldn’t want your furry friend to miss out. It is a well-known fact that dogs are therapeutic and make people happy, so having a dog at your wedding could enhance the overall experience. The following will help you decide whether to have your dog at your wedding or not.

Absolutely YES if…

Your dog is well behaved

  • Having a well-behaved dog will limit stress and create an organized and well-executed wedding ceremony.

Your dog is friendly and comfortable around strangers

  • When your dog is social and gets along with everyone the experience will be more enjoyable.

No one is allergic

  • Safety first!

There is a place for the dog to excuse itself for the bathroom

  • Make sure you have a water bowl and a place where the dog can go to the bathroom so there is no mess.

Someone would be the dog’s handler

  • Make sure that there is a designated person taking care of and watching over the dog so that everything goes as planned and your focus can remain on your significant other, guests and the overall wedding ceremony.

Your venue allows dogs

  • If the venue allows dogs and is pet-friendly, then having the dog at the wedding is realistic.

Should you incorporate your fur-baby into the ceremony or as a guest? Popular roles for pups at wedding include ring bearers and flower girls. Analyzing your dog’s personality can help you decide what role would be best for your furry friend. Having a well trained and behaved dog opens up the choices of available roles the dog can have in the wedding.

If you answered YES to the questions above and you have made your decision to have your dog at the wedding, it is now time to decide how much attention you want on the dog. Is your dog going to be another guest or join you on the altar? This is a personal decision, but either way, the tail will be wagging and your special day will be unforgettable.

To ensure your pet is looking and feeling good for your wedding contact Oceanside Veterinary Clinic today.

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